Now China is the second largest economy in the world, and more and more foreign companies want to enter China to do business. Baidu SEO has become an important means for foreign companies to promote marketing! But because of China Internet control, China can not access Google, so doing Baidu SEO is the only choice for Chinese websites.

baidu seo
baidu seo

Although there are some strange methods, such as clicker, Baidu fast row, etc.However, Baidu SEO rankings are not fundamentally different from other search engine keyword rankings, and the differences are still in the details.

Baidu SEO VS Google SEO

baidu seo vs google seo

As a Chinese professional Baidu SEO company, you can tell everyone responsibly that the difference between Baidu SEO and Google SEO is still quite large! Mainly in the following aspects:

  • Baidu most value the home page, but also the page with the highest weight of the entire site, competitive keyword rankings, almost impossible non-home page
  • Baidu internal page ranking time period is long, for the new station online, often the home page ranking, the inner page has almost no chance to participate in the ranking
  • Compared with the content quality, Baidu seo pays more attention to the quality of the external chain, and the high-weight external chain has a very powerful power.
  • Baidu’s anti-cheating behavior is serious, and the recovery cycle is longer than Google’s.
  • do Baidu optimization, you can pass Baidu’s own products or better inclusion or traffic, such as the bear’s paw!

Baidu SEO optimization

Baidu seo optimization
baidu seo optimization

Baidu Seo Guide Pdf

Baidu seo guide as the baidu official documents, has great value for seoer! However, from the specific content of the pdf file, Baidu's evaluation criteria for the website are very similar to those of Google!

In the process of actually operating Baidu search, there are still some nuances in the operation skills of Baidu search and Google search!

Baidu Seo Guide Pdf
Baidu Seo Guide Pdf

Here, I have provided Baidu seo guide pdf file for everyone, and friends who need it can download it! However, this pdf file is written in Chinese and needs to be translated by yourself.

How To Do China Baidu Seo

With 80% market share and 3.3 billion searches per day, Baidu is the king of Chinese search engines and “China Google”. However, the difference between Google and Baidu is very large, especially search engine optimization.So if you want to find your website in China, you need to pay attention to the following optimization points!

1.speed optimization

From most of the customers we contacted, they didn’t realize the speed of the website! Although the official website was built in mainland China, it used a host outside China, which led to China’s

Land customer access is very slow, seriously affecting the user experience! With the permission of our customers, we also provide the most hosted migration services for our website.

2.title optimization

For Baidu, the title is the top priority of the entire site! A good title can quickly participate in the rankings, and a bad title tends to have a negative impact on the site, we will do the key

Word search analysis to create a title that best meets the requirements of the customer’s website! Of course, keywords and descriptions are also important, but they are trivial relative to the title!

3.URL length optimization

Although Google can handle fairly long links and give good rankings, Baidu hates very long links and even leads to Baidu not collecting, mostly because the URL links are too long! Correct

For Baidu optimization: the shorter the URL link, the better, so we will also provide rewrite and redirect services for the website link.

4.important label optimization

As the most advanced search engine in the world, Google recognizes the content of webpages accurately. Although Baidu is also learning Google, there is no small gap between recognition ability and Google! So one

Complex pages or pages with relatively confusing labels often affect Baidu’s judgment on web pages! At this time, the transformation of important labels on the website is very important! optimization

At present, the search volume of Baidu mobile devices has exceeded the search volume of desktop computers, and the gap continues to expand. This means that if you don’t optimize the mobile, you might lose

About 60% of the source.

Of course, the five points listed here are just the tip of the iceberg in Baidu optimization. If your website requires Baidu optimization, you can contact us for consultation!

Baidu SEO Service

Our company is located in Shanghai, China, specializing in providing professional Baidu SEO optimization services for foreign customers. According to Baidu optimization white paper, we can tailor the most suitable Baidu SEO sites for foreign customers.

baidu seo service
baidu seo service

In order to get the Baidu homepage ranking in the shortest time, and always bring the corresponding traffic, and facilitate the transaction with the customer service! Below is a list of our services.

1.Complete website diagnosis service

When we take over a new website, we will provide customers with a complete website diagnosis service, which will be in the form of a word document! The content includes five parts

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visibility audit on search engines
  • Technical beauty audit
  • Keyword analysic
  • Strategy and SEO implementation

2.Website keyword analysis report

For a website, the most important thing is the positioning of the website keywords. For the website that implements Baidu seo in China, it must be accurately positioned to obtain high-quality traffic ! We offer the following services, available in excel files!

  • Current keyword analysic
  • Baidu adwords keywords analysic
  • Competitors analystics
  • Selected keywords for website

3.Website overall architecture optimization

Judging from the customer websites we took over, most of the websites have many problems! Although there is no problem with Google optimization, it has fatal flaws for Baidu optimization! Our team gives a comprehensive Baidu seo service for the status quo of the website, provided by excel file! It includes the following six parts!

  • Links reconstruction
  • Head tag reconstruction
  • Image alt reconstruction
  • Body Important label
  • Google page speed test
  • Website sitemap summary

4. Monthly website traffic report

For our customers, we provide monthly website traffic reports in the form of ppt files, so that our customers can clearly understand the traffic changes on the website!

5. Monthly Website Optimization Report

You are not mistaken, we will provide customers with website optimization reports every month to maximize the customer’s understanding of what we have done! This not only reflects our profession, but also allows guests to

6. Key keyword ranking statistics

Why do you want to do Baidu seo service? The main purpose is to enhance the keyword ranking of China’s official website and bring more business opportunities to the company! So we also provide a key keyword report on the website! Let the guest always knows the optimization effect of the website!

7. Social Media Content Marketing

In China, search engines are no longer the only source of traffic. The rise of various social platforms has led to more diversified traffic. We not only have search optimization teams, but also content marketing teams.

As long as the customer’s words, we can implement the entire network of precision marketing, comprehensively enhance the brand awareness of the website! Which includes

  • WeChat : covering nearly 1 billion users in China
  • Toutiao: Its daily users have more than 100 million, known as the self-media platform boss
  • Sina weibo: China’s largest grassroots and celebrity exchange base
  • Baidu zhidao: the world’s largest Chinese knowledge quiz platform, with an average daily flow of more than 100 million
  • Baidu baijia: Baidu’s self-media platform has a very high weight advantage
  • Baidu tieba: Ability to find very accurate customer groups for mining development
  • Baidu wenku: Share industry practical knowledge and gain user reputation

Baidu SEO Agency

baidu seo agency

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